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  1. gerry

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    Now available, our new catalogue 2006/2007.
    New in the catalogue are:

    Escape To Victory - arr. Rieks van der Velde(concert march)

    An Irish Fantasy - Matt Klohs(concert work)
    Crusade - Rieks van der Velde(2nd section testpiece)
    Fanfare For A Commonwealth of Nations - Matt Klohs(opening piece)
    Grenland Ceremonial Fanfare - Rieks van der Velde
    Sahara - Richard Grantham(concert work)

    De Dream - Cees Bijlstra(film music)
    De Zee(Amsterdam Arena Hymn) - John Ewbank(pop music)
    Guantanamera - arr. Rieks van der Velde(traditional)
    I Believe My Heart(from 'The Woman in White') - Lloyd Webber, arr. Richard Grantham

    Homelands - Robin Dewhurst(trombone solo as performed by Brett Baker)
    Star Of The East - Richard Grantham(trombone solo as performed by Brett Baker)
    The Volunteer - arr. Keith Wilkinson(as performed by Brett Baker)
    Trombulation - Richard Grantham(trombone trio + band)

    It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year - arr. Rieks van der Velde(tenor horns feature)
    Santa Baby - arr. Rieks van der Velde(muted cornet solo)
    The Twelve Days Of Christmas - arr. Richard Grantham

    Visit our website for more info(scorch files, mp3):

    Lake Music Publications
  2. flugelboy

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    is there any new flugel solos out at the minute???
  3. gerry

    gerry Supporting Member

    Sorry Flugelboy, no flugelsolo's at the moment. After our project of this year with Brett Baker with new trombone solo's, we are doing a project next year with (new)solo's for cornet together with David Daws.

    With musical greetings,