New Music For Training Bands

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    MMI Music is pleased to announce the first batch of pieces written and arranged for training bands by Gerry McColl. Each set contains two pieces of music and is made using a flexible scoring system that allows you to "mix & match" parts to suit your needs.

    Each set costs £20.00 and the launch pieces are:

    Eyes Right (March) / Andate from Piano Sonata K331 (Mozart) [Catalogue No 60802]
    Rock Hard / Entracte from Rosamunde [Catalogue No 60803]
    Summer Calypso / The Ringmaster (March) [Catalogue No 60804]
    Jingle Bells / We Wish You A Merry Christmas [Catalogue No 60901]
    Cheerful Cha-Cha / Pachelbel's Canon [Catalogue No 60902]

    SPECIAL OFFER: Order all five pieces, quote TMP when you order and get 15% discount.