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    MMI Music has today released a new set of music by Gerry McColl for Training Band. As before each set contains two pieces with the option of buying all five sets as a job lot and saving 10% on the purchase price.

    The pieces are as follows:
    80202 Jump Up / See The Conquering Hero Comes
    80203 A Little Waltz / Greensleeves
    80204 Rumbito! / Minuet in G (JS Bach)
    80301 St Anthony Chorale / Ave Verum Corpus
    80302 Ragamuffin / Pilgrim's Hymn (from Tannhauser)

    Each set costs £20.00 plus 75p P&P
    The Complete Book Two costs £90.00 plus £2.50 P&P

    You can download samples of these pieces (and Book One) from our website ( and select Page Three from the Catalogue Page.
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