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    The Flexi-Collection Series
    Arranger: Andrew Duncan

    Single titles: £8.50/£14.50
    Bespoke Albums: £40.00/£68.00 (includes any 6 Flexi-Collection titles)

    The Flexi-Collection
    A perfect solution for expanding the repertoire of Junior Brass and Concert Bands. Based on four-part harmony, these collections provide Junior groups with the advantage of complete flexibility when instrumentation may not be balanced. If players or instruments are missing, the show can still go on! The thoughtful scoring and arranging by Andrew Duncan now means that groups of all abilities have access to a truly flexible set of music for their performances.

    By listening to the needs of our customers, the music is provided with World Parts (Eb/F Horn, Bass/Treble Clef alternatives), and includes a limited copying license to cater for unexpected player numbers and alleviate the problems arising from the inevitable "my dog ate it" syndrome!

    Available for Junior Brass Bands and Junior Concert Bands, the Flexi-Collection Series currently offers three popular categories, offering over 35 new arrangements for music groups to enjoy:

    1. Last Night At The Proms
    2. Popular Classics
    3. Classic Carols

    ... and these will be regularly expanded to offer bands an even wider variation of music.

    The Flexi-Collection Album is also available, where any six titles can be selected from the complete series to create your own bespoke album. No longer do customers have to rely on the pre-defined selections made for them by publishers or editors - they are now free to create their own collection which is then printed to order. This option not only offers substantial savings to you, but also ensures that every piece included in the album is there by your choice, tailored to your own specific needs.

    The Flexi-Collection Series and Flexi-Collection Album can be purchased online at

    The Flexi-Collection - Flexible in Every Sense of the Word!

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