New Music for Euphonium - advice needed.

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by robcav, Feb 13, 2007.

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    Following a post on another thread, highlighting a new work for euphonium, I wondered if any euphonium players, conductors, composers or other interested, in-the-know parties could advise me or point me in the right direction of some relatively new euphonium solos with band. I'm a little out of touch with the more recent additions to the repertoire.
    With a good first section Yorkshire Brass band, I've been considering doing something like 'Call of the Seasons' (not exactly new granted) but I'd like to know what folk think would (a) be sufficiently challenging (b) be enjoyable for a concert audience (I know that's problematically subjective) or at least tend to get good audience feedback (c) be reasonably straightforward to purchase? Also, if any of you euph players were going to set yourself the challenge of getting your teeth into one of the concertos (Sparke, Wilby, Golland, Ellerby etc) which would it be? I know I should probably have a look at them all but I'd appreciate some advice before I commit my, or, perhaps more importantly, our treasurer's money.

    Many thanks in anticipation.
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    Devil's duel?
    Carnival of Venice?
    Benedictus? (not a huge solo but very nice)
    stick with the golden oldie maybe? (Grandfather's Clock)
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    Forgot to add Brillante! have a go maybe?
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    Travelling Along; This cheerful and energetic solo includes two Salvation Army songs, 'Travel along in the sunshine' and 'Sunshine', the composer having emigrated from the UK to 'sunny' California. (Look out for musical quotes from 'California, here I come'!)

    Canaan's Land; Derick Kane specifically asked Peter Graham to write a solo with the title 'Canaan's Land' in response to Stephen Bulla's solo 'Air 'n Variations' written for Aaron VanderWeele, all puns intended! The theme is the song 'Bound for Canaan's shore' and the first variation pays homage to Norman Bearcroft's 'The Better World' which was also especially written for Derick Kane. The slow section makes use of the tune 'A little star peeps o'er the hill' after which follows the finale, in a polonaise style, with further shades of 'The Better World'.
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    I've got a particular preference for the Golland No 1. Tremendous tune in the middle movement.

    Great music that doesn't just rely on fireworks.
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    The Horowitz all the way! The original and the best :)

    Although if was to attempt any of the concertos out there (there are quite a few now!) I would like to try the Linkola, although I sounds just about as hard as any of them.

    Oh yeah, and it's with orchestra, not band ... hmmm ... in that case I'd say the Vladmir Cosma.

    And in response to the Benedictus, I played it recently, and it goes down really well. Just a shame it's only really a couple of lines repeated over with a fairly cop out ending.
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    I wrote a euph solo based on Camptown Races. It is an Air Varie with a cadenza and a bluesy bit in the middle.

    You can download the solo part as a pdf from my website (see below).
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    Here are a few works by Darrol Barry

    Romance and Rondo

    Composed for the solo euphonium of the Royal Guard of Oman, this solo has all the flavour of Italy, playable by all!

    Visit for a sound sample.

    Libra Fantasy

    Written for the Swiss euphoniumist ‘Beat Knusel’, this solo opens with a short cadenza which leads into a smooth melody, followed by a very athletic allegro. Recently recorded by Steven Miles and the Brighouse & Rastrick Band.


    This euphonium duet was especially composed for father and son, Robert and David Childs for their new CD Music Was My First Love.


    Contains all the ingredients of a winner, powerful opening, nice tune and plenty of technical stuff that’s not too difficult (with some practice lol)

    November Moods

    Recently recorded by Brendan Wheeler and the Leyland Band on the CD By Arrangement and Brass Machine. This euphonium solo is very tuneful and an exciting allegro in 7/8.

    The above titles are available from

    For more information on any of the new pieces please visit my new website which includes a comprehensive list of all my published works and a discography.

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    For a concerto if you really want to stretch yourself have a go at the Michael Ball Concerto....its solid and a bit different, like the rest of his stuff.
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    I have nothing like a concerto to offer but the following are already available:

    Elegy and Caprice published by MMI
    Adagio Cantabile published by Devilish Music Publishing

    Coming soon is an arrangement of Rachmaninov's Vocalise from MMI

    All are for euph and band.
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    My "Introduction and Allegro", published by Bernel Music, was written for a professor of Euphonium in the States. Morgan Griffiths has recorded it, with YBS, and I know it's been included in a few Salford degree recitals in the past. It might fit your requirements.
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    Many thanks to all of you for contributing your suggestions. It's very much appreciated.
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    We'll expect a solo cd from you soon with all of these pieces then?

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    Regrettably not - not only do I know my limitations (just ask that top lad Andy Platt who used to play with Yorkshire Co-op when I was on trombone) but I don't think our treasurer would be too pleased if I suggested buying all the pieces let alone recording them.
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    Speaking as the treasurer referred to by the inestimable Mr Cavender, I am happy to confirm that we will be able to buy the music he wants, providing of course, that it has a nice easy first baritone part in the accompaniment.
  18. robcav

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    It's a deal. Get your cheque book ready, Owen.
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    That rules out doing the Pearlfishers as an encore then ;)
  20. Owen

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    The Pearlfishers, or as I like to call it "Arpeggio Fun".