New music for Christmas 2012

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    It's that time again! Time to get out the music and start practicing for the Christmas Concerts. MMI Music are pleased to release five new pieces ready for Christmas 2012. These pieces (and our other Christmas classics) can be found in the Hymns and Christmas section of our catalogue and also as a Print Your Own Disc (Catalogue Number 120806). The pieces are priced at £20.00 each and at £45.00 for the Print Your Own Disc. The new pieces are:

    120801 The Bellman's Carol arranged by Keith S.J. Lever
    120802 Carol Of The Birds arranged by Keith S.J. Lever (a chance for your percussionist to go mad with the Bird Warbler!!)
    120803 Christmas Countdown by Karen Unsworth (an original Christmas piece)
    120804 Christmas Decking by Nigel Hall (an uptempo swing version of Deck The Halls)
    120805 Trois Chants De Noel arranged by Keith S.J. Lever
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