New music, but I've heard! that?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Phil De-Zoot, Mar 10, 2009.

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    That arr that Fairey did at BIC last Nov, the "Spike Jones" arr of William Tell by Phil Lawrence, I think a concert version of that is just out with mostyn muisic; and also trombonist's, Phil Lawrence has done another wow-wierdo trio as off the wall as "It's Not Unusual", but I'm not sure what it is? One of Phil's mates form Fairey/Liverpool was telling a mate of mine at the RNCM last month that these were about to come out, but I fancy that crazy William Tell with tuned pots & pans :clap: & some of the band have to gargle (nowt new there). Any one know any more than that?
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    I'm sorry....what? :-?
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    I think the arranger is advertising his wares! ;)
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    Spike Jones and his musicians were absolutely brilliant.
    I don't know the arrangement mentioned but if you haven't heard William Tell by Spike
    Jones you are missing a brilliant version! His take on other classical pieces and old songs are funny but extremely well played, Cocktails for Two was used in a T.V. commercial not too long ago.
    If William Tell is done as per the original recording it would make a great addition to any brass band library and would be a great entertainment contest piece.
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    Why post in the third person, Phil? :confused:
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    No relation, honest!
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    Hehe Colin... you'd be suprised what we know here in tMP central. Mr Lawrence is not alone in posts such as this... ;)

    Right clan of detectives we are :)

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