New Mouthpiece postion?

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  1. Brass

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    Hello brass players,

    I've got a question: when I play (marching baritone), my lips are very high on my mouthpiece 2/3 of my mouthpiece is on my lower lip and 1/3, or sometimes even less, on my upper lip. Is this a bad thing? And if it is why? I am having trouble reaching high notes, is this a explanation for that?

    Greetings from poland
  2. Vegasbound

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    Sounds like you have a low placement type 4 embouchure as described by the Rheinhardt system, if this is your natural position then that is what the good Lord has given you, there are many world class players who played like this, in the trombone world Dick Nash, Don Lusher and Kai Winding to name but 3

    As for range it could be your mouthpiece is too big, or your practice regime needs attention, if you are thinking you can change this it is possible but fraught with danger, I know several players who took lessons and a trampled to change to the ideal didn't work!
  3. Tom-King

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    As already said - it's a known style of embouchure... it's uncommon, but it's perfectly valid and it probably shouldn't be changed (atleast not without very good reason and not without consulting a serious teacher).

    The difficulty with high notes is unusual though... atleast if we assume type 4 (as that's one of the possibilities your description suggests) - out of interest, when you play how do your teeth/jaw line up? Is the lower jaw always noticeably behind the top jaw or is it in-line or in front of the top jaw?
  4. Brass

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    @Vegasbound thnx for your reaction,

    Know I know it isn't a bad habit, it helps me out a lot: I can play 1 (full) tone higher by just going up in the mouthpiece, earlier I thought this was "cheating" and would effect me on the long run because my theacher advised me to dont play high on my mouthpiece.

    But maybe my practise routine does need some more attention. Do you know some exercises you should do or should not do with embourchure type 4 for high range?

    And when it comes to mouthpieces, some suggestion for high range? I know this is not a instant fix, but I've played for many years on the same mouthpiece so its worth a try or google search at least. (I currently play with the yamaha japan 48)

    I'm honored with your help.
  5. Brass

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    @Tom-King thnx for your reaction,

    I don't know if I understand your question, but my jaws move like this: when I play higher notes my lower jaw moves a little bit forward, but generally speaken you can say that my lower jaw is behind my upper jaw.

    Thnx for your help, I'm honored
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  6. David Haldeman

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    I switched to Christian Lindberg's mouthpieces several years ago, and have found my range jumped 3 whole steps, and gave me the flexibility to jump from high to low without any change in mouthpiece position. Try one out - they solved my problems with embouchure placement. But, like a pair of shoes...
  7. Vegasbound

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    Do you have the same low placement embouchure? With this type of low 4A placement anything rim size bigger than 25.4mm (wick 6 Bach 61/2 ). Is not advised as it will cause range and stamina problems
  8. Gregory Rolfe

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    Yeah same!