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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by rowkseat141, Mar 14, 2006.

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    My name is Tom, I am a Bb Bass player for Rainford (Silver) Band and the St. Helens Youth Brass Band. I will hopefully be starting Uni come the autumn and will be looking for a new band (2nd Section down) in Hull or Leeds, not quite sure where i'm going yet though.

    Anyone know of bands in those areas who may need a new bass in October time. I don't own my own bass and also lose the car in Oct so don't own own transport either.

    Looking forward to hearing from you all.

  2. Steve

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    :hi Tom, and well done at the weekend!

    Bit far ahead to be looking for vacancies I would have thought but you will definitely get to know plenty of people in the area between now and then on the site. Helpfull bunch and Im almost positive you will get vacancy details as they happen.

    Have fun on the threads.
  3. Hi & welcome! I'm new too both to this forum and to brass playing and it's great!
  4. Feefee

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    Hey welcome to! Hope u have fun on the forums - i do!
  5. drummergurl

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    hey tom!

    dave told me you said i had to reply to your thread... its took me ages to find it, cuz dave didnt know your username :rolleyes: brothers *tsk*

    c ya later at the ruggers again...

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