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    My name is Dave Hepworth.I played cornet/tumpet many years ago as a young man.I used to have lessons off Mr Tommy Mudd at South Elmsall.He used to play with the Dunlop band before he moved to the area and subsequently played with Frickley.I played in the West Riding area band based at Whitwood(this band actually appeared on Oportunity Knocks!!)I also have fond memories of playing 2nd Trumpet to James Shepherd at a gig at Holmefirth with the West Riding Schools Orchestra.
    I also played in the Frickley Orchestra (the remnants of a larger orchestra from way back, but essentially a palm court affair when I was a member).I also played with the Barnsley Orchestral Society-- which was rather grand as we had enough money from sponsors to play with likes of John Lil at the Arcadian Hall
    Tommys star pupil was Fred Ellis of Black Dyke fame.I went to grammar school with Fred and was a friend of his before he left to join BD.I remember lending Fred my HAWKES Clipertone trumpet to audition for the National Youth Orchestra at the Albert Hall,(he got 4th reserve place).
    After thinking about those earlier days I thought of Fred and his brilliant playing.I have since learnt thro this forum that he died a while ago is this correct?Could anyone please tell me when this happened and how? He would be only in his late 50s or early 60s -this is so sad .Thankyou for listening.
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    I didn't know Fred, but I think he died in a car crash in America whilst there on business, about 3 or 4 years ago.
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    I knew Fred Ellis slightly at Dyke way back about 1970.
    A thoroughly nice fella and an accomplished player.
    I think he was on Repiano at the time.

    Yes, I seem to recall that he was killed in a car crash, but I'd have thought it more like 5/6 years ago.
    I could be wrong (Again !)

    - Wilkie
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    you're never wrong. No ones wrong on tmp!!
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    I knew Fred Ellis he died 5-6 years ago in business trip in america car crash