New MD required- Besses o’th’Barn Band

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by MattB, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. MattB

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    New MD required- Besses o’th’Barn Band

    Besses are looking to appoint a new MD as soon as possible, and so are inviting applications for the position as of today, with auditions to begin imminently.

    The successful applicant will be available for rehearsals on Tuesday & Thursday evenings 8-10pm, and will be expected to contribute to the band’s progression towards our Bicentenary in 2018.

    All interested parties please send a detailed banding CV, including your ethos and outlook as an MD in strictest confidence to
  2. MattB

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    Due to a high number of applicants in the first few days, the closing date for any further applications is this Friday, 28th March at 12 noon. Applications received after this time will not be considered. Many thanks. Matt.
  3. hobgoblin

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    Are you sure it's a new MD or new players that's required? Having said that, the accolade of being the first MD to take besses to finish below their own youth band is perhaps not something one would want. Maybe it's woth asking the boys band MD to take over?
  4. kennywenny

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    May I ask the point of your comment ? Why such a negative post's hard enough for band's without people like yourself making what could be construed as an antaganising post.

    You have also put down the boys band as they are not a youth band they are a seperate band in their own right.

    So disillusioned by many posts on Tmp from many people trying to be clever or downright rude.

    I for one wish besses the best of luck in appointing a new MD and hope they once again build a successful band.

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