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    Yorkshire Building Society Concert Brass Band has announced the appointment of its new Musical Director, Rob Savage, who takes over from Michael Hannan who recently relocated to Ireland.
    Under Michael the band excelled, winning the 2nd Section Area in 2004 and gaining fifth place in the 1st Section in 2005. YBS Concert is now looking forward to continuing this success under the leadership of Rob.
    Rob Savage, who is a graduate of the University of Huddersfield, has played bass with many bands including YBS Concert, Todmorden Old and Dobcross Silver as well as the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain (NYBBGB), where he held the principal Bb Bass seat for four courses.
    Prior to returning to his roots at YBS Concert Brass as Musical Director, Rob has been working as Associate Conductor at Dobcross Silver Band.
    YBS Concert’s next public performance is on Saturday 12 November
    at the Bingley Arts Centre at 7.30pm, where it will be playing both traditional and big band sets.
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    Congratulations Rob. May all your endevaours(?) with YBS Concert be happy ones. You weren't a bad bass player, as far as I can remember!;) and if you can bring your leadership qualities to this set of ne'er do wells, you won't have done bad! Just remember, members of YBS Concert, I toured with you lot in '94 and remember how well you enjoy celebrating!!

    Best regards to all who remember me, especially Eric (sorry I left Holmfirth contest early, I perforated my eardrum).



    Congratulations Rob and all the best to you and the band. Please can somebody from the band pm me Mike's new contact details.

    Dave Horan

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