New MD at Northumbrian Water Ellington Colliery

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    The band is delighted to announce that Jonathan Fenwick is their new MD. In 4barsrest's recent review of the most promising young conductors they said 'Jonathan Fenwick is a chip off the old Ray Farr block in many ways, and equally as talented too - and could make just as big an impression on the contesting scene in the North East.
    Bold and animated, but very musical and even a touch fearless in approach, there is a refreshing air about his conducting on the contest stage.
    There is an impressive directness about the way in which he goes about his work, and although he has yet to taste high profile contesting success he is certainly a talent to watch out for.'
    The band is extremely pleased that they have engaged such a talented MD.
    Jonathan has been with the band since early November and a great partnership has already been forged between him and the band. We are looking forward to working with Jonathan in the long term and to translate the current level of performance in concerts to the contest platform.
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    Several posts deleted after reports from a number of members today.

    Folks (and one person in particular - you know who you are...) please do not use other bands' news announcements to air your personal grievances. Thanks.
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    Freedom of speech is a bold liberty to take

    Mr Piston - I suggest you familiarise yourself with the tMP rules which can be found here - especially the bit about 'Derogatory comments about members or non-members' (Rule 2 (c)).

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