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  1. Chapeltown Band has announced that following a career change, which necessitated working evenings/nights, Toby Bannan has resigned as their Musical Director.


    The band would like to publicly thank Toby for all his hard work over the last 2 years during a particularly difficult period.

    The band are delighted to welcome back Andrew Dennis as new Musical Director, who previously conducted the band between 2000-2002, during one of their most successful periods.

    Looking forward

    The band are looking forward to working with Andrew again and have already seen a positive move forward with two new players joining the band since Andrew’s return.

    Andrew has agreed to take Chapeltown in addition to his commitment as the new Musical Director at Shirland Welfare Training Band.
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    Great news for Chap - having played there under Andrew in his first tenure, it was nice to do his "comeback" concert last week. There is a distinct sense that the momentum is already beginning to build. This will be a band to watch next year!
  3. Thanks know where you can get that job!!

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