New MD at Brackley

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    The band is pleased to welcome Adrian Raven as its new Musical Director.
    Adrian is an accomplished musician with vast experience as a tuba player, teacher and conductor. Having recently returned after a 20 year stint in New Zealand, where he played with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and the Philharmonia Auckland Orchestra, Adrian is now a peripatetic brass teacher as well as Bass player with Grimethorpe Colliery.
    We look forward to working with Adrian as the band looks to continue its progression. Adrians first band engagement with the band is at the Brackley Music Festival on Friday 29th June (see events).
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    Good choice! I've known Adrian for a quarter century and more and I can definitely vouch for him. I played in the same bands as Adrian (City of Coventry Band and Television New Zealand Band) and I've also had the pleasure of conducting a band with Adrian playing (TVNZ Band) and can assure you that he's a very good musician.

    Just keep the empty beer cans away from him!

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    Good guy -- he'll do well for you --- Like Scotty known him for sooooo many years