New lightweight 4-valve Eb for sale at Wessex Tubas

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by JDH, Jun 9, 2011.

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    I have just brought back the new Wisemann lightweight Eb from Beijing and it is available for sale.

    Wisemann make instruments for some of the leading brands and the quality of this tuba is up to European standards. Finish is excellent and valves smooth and quiet.

    I have tried playing myself in band and brass quintet and it worked well for both, but particularly good with the smaller ensemble. Its intonation is good with no exceptionally out of tune notes. It is non-compensated, but I found that caused no tuning problems except for low C#. The low F can be played in tune using the fingering 1+2+4, E 2+3+4 and Eb 1+3+4. D with all valves but is rather sharp.

    I think this model would be ideal for marching and standing gigs, or smaller/younger players who cannot handle the weight of a compensated EEb, but still with 4 valves, unlike the student models.

    Model: Wisemann DTU-E650
    Eb tuba with 3+1 stainless steel valves
    Nickel silver leadpipe
    Bell: 410mm (16")
    Height: 760mm (36")
    Bore: 16.8mm (0.66")
    Weight: 6.8kg (15lb)

    I will normally be selling this model for £2,495, but this one got minor dent in bell (could easily be removed) and wear to the case in transit, so am selling for special price of £1,995. Being sold by my company, Wessex Tubas this instrument is fully guaranteed against manufacturing faults for one year. Will ship worldwide at cost.

    Potential buyers are welcome to come and play test.

    You may be interested that as well as this Eb model, I will also be getting the 4 valve lightweight BBb in stock September - the ideal instrument to fill those vacant BBb bass chairs in lower section bands, as these are so easy to handle and a pleasure to play!



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