Sold/Expired New Leyland CD (The Alchymists Journal)

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired Classifieds' started by NAS, Jul 29, 2003.

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    I know the new Leyland cd has been out since the masters but I thought I would start this thread anyway :D . All the music on the cd is available from FABER Music.


    1. Global Variations (Hess)
    2-5. Four Sketches (Dobson)
    6-8. Vaughn Williams Tuba Concerto - Soloist James Gourlay
    9. RPM (Hindson)
    10. The Alchymists Journal (Hesketh)
    11. Thames Journey (Hess)
    12. Headbanger (Hindson)
    13. Peterloo Overture (Sir Malcolm Arnold)
    14. Keystone Cops (Davis)

    4barsrest have also released a fantastic review of the cd this morning.

    The final paragraph of the review said:

    'This is a CD that everybody connected with Faber Music and Leyland Band, conducted by Michael Fowles can take a well deserved bow. The programme notes are comprehensive and an interesting read, and congratulations to Phillip Littlemore and his production team for a disc that is certainly different, but rich in the traditions of this fine band'.

    The disc is available from:

    Neil Samuel
    Solo Trombone-Leyland
    Press Officer

    Edit: Web site links now working (RT)
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