New Knockout Entertainment Contest at Kippax Band Club

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    For 2007, the Kippax Band will be replacing some of their monthly “band nights” with a knockout format entertainment contest, with prize money totalling over ₤1000. Four first round contests of three bands each will take place in the early months of the year, leading to summer semi-finals and then a final in November.

    Main sponsor of the venture is @qau enviro Ltd, the company run by former Kippax and Black Dyke horn player Mark Lowe (now at Rothwell Temps). A big “thank you” goes to Mark for putting so much back into banding.

    The contest is open to twelve bands graded Section 2 and below for 2007. A number of local bands have already been contacted, but anyone else interested should get in touch quickly. Full details are available on the band’s website
  2. Hello,

    This is a great idea - an innovation in band contesting!!

    As one of the local bands you've approached, I can say we've discussed it at length and we all think it'd be something new and exciting for the band to take on.

  3. Cornishwomble

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    There was a similar style contest for Radio Cornwall that I remember playing in the '80s.
    Each programme had 2 bands doing a 30 minute entertainment concert and it also worked on a knockout system until there were 2 bands left in a grand final

    When I played for Caharrack and St Day we got to the final and I remember the whole contest being very exciting.

    It's definately a good idea and I hope it's supported well
  4. TheMusicMan

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    Sounds like a great idea folks. Good luck with it.
  5. andyfake

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    Thanks for your comments Roy
    A lot of us used to enjoy the Radio Leeds "Knockout Brass" series at about the same time (showing age ;) ) - there were some very good bands in but it was down to the luck of the draw and there was always the chance of a "giant killing" if a lower section band gave a tight performance.
    We're hoping to re-kindle a bit of that atmosphere and provide some variety for audience and bandsmen alike. There's been a lot of positive feedback so far and four bands have already confirmed their entries, so hopefully we should get a good turnout.

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