New Junior Band - Can You Assist In Teaching The Championship Players Of Tomorrow?

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    A new venture has been introduced In the Chester-le-Street area, County Durham, with the formation of West Pelton & District Community Brass Band. This has been established with the objective of encouraging more school children to learn how to play brass as well as percussion instruments, and several generous grants and donations have already been received in support of the initiative spearheaded by Norman Walker.
    Over 75 (yes, seventy five) brand new instruments as well as music, stands, uniforms, rehearsal facilities etc. have now been delivered to fully equip separate bands located in local schools and community centres. To date over 70 young people have shown that they are keen to learn, and lessons have already commenced with encouraging progress already made. The response has been vibrant and quite overwhelming!

    Urgent assistance is now needed from people with experience of playing brass or percussion instruments, and is ideally suited to retired people or those with flexible working hours to get involved during school hours, or on a Saturday morning.

    This is a wonderful opportunity for you to put something back in to our Brass Band movement in helping to guarantee a rewarding future.

    Norman Walker

    Telephone 0191 3703533
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    New Junior Band Aiming High-even more assistance neede!

    The responce from both youngsters and parents to the formation of West Pelton & District Community Brass Band ( Chester-Le-Street) has been overwhelming that we had to dramatically amend our original plans.

    Instead of having one band we are now in the process of forming a total of five bands as we have 90 children eager to learn to play. We have been very fortunate in receiving several generous financial grants/donations and we already have had 70 brand new instruments and 18 used ones. We also have full percussion kits, uniforms, music, music stands, banners, and many other costly items, as well as excellent rehearsal facilities.

    Tuition is currently given by myself, together with Andrew Holmes the well respected Flugal Horn player with Grimethorpe Colliery Band, and Mark Richardson who handles our percussion learners.
    We urgently need several more tutors with playing experience, who can become respected mentors to these eager youngsters.

    This ia a marvellous opportunity and ideally suited to retired people, or those with flexible working hours to get involved out of school hours, or on a Saturday morning.
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