New JP/RATH Bb/F Trombones

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Rob Hanson, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. Rob Hanson

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    John Packer Musical Instruments and Michael Rath Trombones are delighted to announce their long-awaited Bb/F student trombones will be launched at the International Trombone Festival in Austin, Texas on Wednesday 7th July.

    In the last 12 months, the JP231/Rath and JP230/Rath have set new standards for “student” instruments and the initial reaction to the new Bb/F models suggest that these may be even more successful.

    If you’re at the ITF in Austin please stop at the Dillon Music stand where you can meet Rob and Mick and be the first to try the JP331/Rath and JP332/Rath trombones.

    Both of the new JP331/Rath and JP332/Rath Bb/F trombones will be available from September 1st, or you can pre-order now at and

    If you can wait that long the first UK outing will be at the British Open at Symphony Hall, Birmingham on September 4th.

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    What's going to be the price in the UK?
  3. Rob Hanson

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    Pricing will be announced next week at the Festival
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    Can somebody at JPacker reply to my email please about payment for my order from JLTOnline?
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    So.... can we have the prices now.....please???!
  7. Rob Hanson

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    All prices and specs are now both on the John Packer and the Michael Rath website and we are now taking orders for September delivery

    UK price is £699 inc vat
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    Hi All,

    Like a numpty, I sold my medium bore trombone a few months ago. The justification was that it had been sitting under the stairs for ages so I decided it had to go. Well of course the inevitable happens and I got some work in which requires a medium bore trombone, so I bought the JP/Rath 230 and got a good discount as it had been sitting on a trade stand.

    I really can't fault it for the price - it plays just like a Conn 6H or King 2B but it cost less than £300. At this price I might buy a spare for the orchestra pit!

    They're really well made and are even across the range. I couldn't recommend them more highly.
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    I took delivery of my JP331Rath a few days ago (thanks to John Packer - it was delivered within 24 hours of ordering!).

    I have been a die-hard user of Bach Strad trombones for many years, but I have to admit that the JP331Rath easily comes up to that standard - which is nice!

    Construction and finish is excellent, the slide very smooth (and not too heavy), the valve is almost silent, and it blows like a dream over the whole range - pedal C and all the way up through 5 octaves.

    I would recommend this instrument to anyone who is in the market for a medium bore Bb/F trombone.

    I will definitely be getting the JP332Rath as soon as I have saved up a bit of cash :)
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    Sorry to inform you all, John Packers will NOT be at the BTS day in Twickenham in October as John Packers are attending a major product launch of the JP/Rath trombone range in Latvia. Any questions relating to the JPRath product range can be directed to sorry for any inconvenience.