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  1. Good afternoon everyone im so happy today i had a job interview which i was really really nervous about then the waiting came. then the phone rang at home. to find its the head teacher from the school offering me the job which i was speechless about. so i start my new job on monday 3rd september as a ICT Technician of which im qualified but have not worked in the industry for 2yrs.

    What will i do with all the school holidays?
  2. Di

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    Enjoy them! Congratulations. :clap:
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    you're on tMP asking a load of ardent tMPers what to do with a shed load of free time?!?!?

    Ask a stoopid question, get a stoooopid answer! :rolleyes:

    tMP of course!!!!
    Well done getting the job too!! :biggrin: ;)
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    Well done, and welcome to my world!
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    Congratulations!! :biggrin:

    Do what I'm doing this summer, and join 5 more bands! That doesn't leave a lot of time for anything else!! :biggrin:
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    Are you sure you are going to get the holidays? Normally academic staff only get the holidays. If you do then you will be employed 'term time only' which means you will only get paid for 2/3 of the year (albeit it will be split up so you get an equal amount per month) but that pro rata pay is a real ******!
  8. yes rachel it is term time only 36hrs a week but the i've worked the wage out and its more than what im on now. plus its in IT which im qualified not sat on my back side working for hss