*New* HORN TRIO - Disney's Hercules

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  1. I Won’t Say (I’m In Love) – From “Hercules”
    By Alan Menken - HORN TRIO

    A great piece to give the horn players of your band something to get stuck into. Music from the animated Disney film “Hercules” is based upon the Greek mythology (albeit, slightly altered to be suitable for children!) telling the story of Hercules. Meg sings this piece as she realizes she is falling in love with him. The music for the film by composer Alan Menken was nominated for an Academy award, however sadly, was released at the same time at “Titanic” where James Horner’s score won instead. Now arranged by Richard Rock as a grand feature for your bands horn section, pleasing to play and to listen too.


    Full score & parts: £19.95
    Direct Link - http://www.penninemusic.com/show_score_details.php?id=122&tf=I4.rtf

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  2. BariPower

    BariPower Member

    Cheesy but playable, I quite like that!
  3. Thankfully so do the audiences ;-)
  4. Andrew Norman

    Andrew Norman Active Member

    Shame that there's no cueing in Flugel and 1st Bari to help those of us with incomplete horn sections or weaker players...

  5. There is now ;-)

    Will always welcome suggestions.
  6. Andrew Norman

    Andrew Norman Active Member

    Great - thank you.. I suppose I'll have to buy a copy now !!
    In general more cues would help a lot of bands which struggle with players.
    If only all publishers were as helpful as you....
  7. Thank you for your kinds words. As a lot of our catalogue is playable by lower section bands, they do actually have lots of cues (Horns on Flugel, Euph & Baritones etc and vice versa) in them.

    Its only after you mentioned it for this piece that we unusually, hadn’t got any - thanks for pointing it out. All fixed now.