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    Name change. Yeovil town band have now moved location and will now be know as Glastonbury Brass. We rehearse Sunday and Tuesday evenings at Abbey Moor Stadium BA6 9AF. Find us or contact us via our Facebook page.
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    I wish the Band well in its new location and with its new name. Perhaps I could be forgiven for wondering whether one band had collapsed and another had risen from its ashes, these things happen.

    The new location is rather too distant from the old so, IMHO, ‘good old’ Yeovil have now lost their long established Town Band, obviously the matter is complex and not for discussion but that situation does seem a pity to my mind. If I were a resident of Yeovil I’d be very unhappy at that loss and want a very different outcome (give me back my Band, regardless). I don’t know what the discussions have been or what the alternatives were so I am merely expressing disappoint at the eventual outcome - which, of course, might have been the best of several poor options.

    As a very general view (i.e. not a comment on this Band, and one to which there will always be worthy exceptions) I put the needs of the community before the aspirations of players and hence don’t believe in Contesting Bands taking the name of a community and then either getting their players from many miles away or not focusing on being part of the community in which they have ‘set up camp’. I don’t believe that my view is widely supported but do believe that we should all be tolerant of views that don’t match our own.
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    To be fair, 2T, it's better that a happy and established band continues to exist than not - if this was the best option to ensure that outcome then so be it.

    So as not to drag this post off topic, maybe resurrect this one if you want to go back over some of this discussion?

    Wish the band all the best!
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    To be fair to me Tom I did wish the Band well and I did say that the matter was complex and not for discussion ....
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    At the risk of derailing the topic (because this is NOT in any way referring to Yeovil/Glastonbury, of which I have no knowledge)...

    I have some sympathy with this. However, that support is a two way street. There are towns where the local community doesn't give a mouse-sized crap about their local band - don't support concerts, don't bring their kids to training bands, don't like the band rehearsing near them, moan about parking on rehearsal nights, etc. - but expect the band to turn out for free on Armistice Day, play carols round the town at Christmas, and so forth. Where there's a mutually beneficial relationship, there's a strong argument to be made for considering the needs of the local community as part of the aims and ambitions of the band. Where the local community more or less disowns its local band it's harder to make a defensible case for the band putting the "needs of the community above the aspirations of the players".
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    Could I suggest that you (a member of some considerable standing, experience and expertise) start a separate thread to ‘air’ this topic more thouroughly. Your paragraph above would be a jolly good start point. I would point out, as an important part of any discussion, that Town Bands in rural or less densely populated areas have differences to those in more populated areas. There is a real danger, IMHO, of overly commenting on the original post; that post and information was supplied in good faith and I hope that I haven’t treated it too badly.
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    I agree. This thread is simply for a band to inform us of their new situation. It can't be nice for them to have such a discussion attached to their post. It would therefore be respectful to start a new thread to continue this.
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