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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by cornetmad, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. cornetmad

    cornetmad New Member

    Hi all, I am new on here but not to banding - I started playing the cornet at age 10 and joined my local town band at that time too. I am 34 now and apart from a break for University etc. I have been playing and banding since. I am still with my much beloved Thrapston Town Band in Northants.

    I have always been a Bb cornet player playing every position in our band from Principal to 3rd cornet. I am currently playing 2nd cornet but for a couple of reasons I have just started to swap over to soprano cornet for the first time which is a new challenge for me!

    Best regards to all on here

  2. Di

    Di Active Member

    Hi Nicola and :hi to tMP.

    It's good to have you with us and we hope you enjoy reading and posting on tMP and make a few new friends along the way.

    If you need any help finding your way around, please don't hesitate to shout.

    Good luck with your venture on to the sop! :)
  3. Liamhorn

    Liamhorn Member

    Hey welcome Nicola, you'll find you will soon be addicted to posting on these forums hope you have fun. GL and welcome to the Eb world :p
  4. MissRepiano

    MissRepiano New Member

    Hi Nicola, i play cornet too, AND i'm called Nicola!! How great eh? ha ha ha.

    anywayyyy...welcome you're sure to havevlots of fun on here! Good luck with the sop playing, i wouldn't wanna try it!
  5. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    Welcome indeed - as Di says, if you want help with anything - just shout... :hi
  6. Rodney

    Rodney Member

    G'day Nicola and a special welcome to the special world of E flat - you won't enjoy the sharps however, the flats are a breeze :)

    See ya
  7. rikster

    rikster New Member

    new look to tMP

    I just wanted to say that I really like the new format to tMP, Clear, clean and to the point.
    Well Done all.:clap:
  8. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    Many thanks rikster - always good to read such feedback. Cheers.
  9. chill

    chill Member

    I swapped over to Sop 3 months ago after 35 years on Bb. It certainly is a new challange :)
  10. cornetmad

    cornetmad New Member

    How are you doing on the Sop then Chris after 3 months?

    I see you are in Berks, I am originally from Berks but moved to Northants when I was young.

    Thanks everyone for all your kind replies! Look forward to chatting to you all.
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  12. cornetmad

    cornetmad New Member

    Hi Nicola - after my first 2 practices with the band on Sop I am not sure that they want me to try it either!!!!!
  13. chill

    chill Member

    Hi Nicola
    well I think it's going ok. No one has thrown rotten veg at me yet ;-) We just had the biggest concert in the bands history at the Hexagon in Reading with David Childs as guest soloist. I have to say that with 2 weeks to go I was starting to wonder if my concert (in fact any event) debue was going to be embarassing :-(. I was struggling with stamina and maintaining my range for more than 40 minutes. Eventually I compromised with a week to go and swapped to a shallower mouthpiece. Not the sound I want but it was the only way to have any chance of getting through the concert.

    Sounds like your trying to play Bb and learn Sop. I made the break. It was the only way I had a chance of being able to hear in my head where the notes are in Eb. I took a week of playing scales , arpegios and stamina exercises before I sat down for the first rehearsal. And not picked up by Bb since for fear of confusing my little brain :)

    Hope you get chance to keep trying.
  14. cornetmad

    cornetmad New Member

    I totally agree with you Chris that for the majority of us mere mortals making a clean break and moving solely onto soprano is the way to go. The situation at my band is a little more complicated than that at the current time.

    I had my 3rd practice with the band on sop tonight and I was quite happy with progress. I am finding scales, arpeggios and Arban exercises useful. I have also gone back to some of my cornet / trumpet solo books and am just playing lots of them - easy stuff but useful for getting used to pitching and playing in Eb.

    I really need to work on the notes in the upper register now! :redface:

    All the best :tup


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