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    The is a CD being released by Phillips called "The Very Best of Grimethorpe Colliery UK Coal Band". This is a re-issue of a recording done in 1976 called Grimethorpe Colliery Band Plays Brass Favourites with "Those magnificent men in their flying machines" added as the first track.

    My Gripe is the nerve they (Phillips) have in saying its the "Very best" as if its a new recording of the best stuff the bands done over its long history, when its just a re-issue and hoping the public won't notice, also using the bands current name when UK Coal didnt even exist when the recording was done.

    It's always nice to have old recordings re-issued but not when its mis-leading the public as to what it actually is, I also know there is sod all that can be done about this as the band were probably paid a fee for the original recording and the rights passed on to the publishers.

    Anyway - Gripe over
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    While we are on the subject of Grimethorpe recordings, is the version of 'Resurgam' on the new 'History' CD taken from the Eric Ball recording of a few years ago?

    Also, upon reading the sleeve notes, I see the titles and subject of the subsequent volumes? Which one is coming next and what is the planned repertoire for them?

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    Haven't got an answer for you sorry, but you might be interested to note that a discussion already exists on the 'History of Brass' CD here:
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    Although I don't have the Eric Ball recording, I listened to my dad's copy very briefly a few months ago. I'd have to listen to it again to know if the new disc is a fresh recording.
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    Thanks for that Carl,

    Just on the subject of the old CD mentioned by Mark: if the publishers of the re-released Cd are trying to pull the wool over the publics eyes then they need a polite slap round the chops!

    However, this re-released is a cracking listen. My brother gave me a copy of it a couple of years ago and it's all the 'new' music Elgar Howarth produced for them when he first became the musical advisor to the band in the early seventies. My personal favourite is the very unpolitically correctly named 'Chinese Takeaway' written as a cornet feature - really funny! Another track 'Red sky at Night' sounds like incidental music from 'Terry and June' or 'The Good life' - really amusing!

    As well as the original light music, it has Moorside and the original severn suite, which are clearly worth a listen. I hope I am referring to the same CD as Mark :oops: ,sure I am. It's in HMV anyway. Anyone else heard it?

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    These sorts of stunts have been going on since the dawn of time.....well, almost!

    How many of you have bought different Beatles re-releases, with the same recordings on them!!

    A very standard trick to make money! Greed, it may be, a con, perhaps not so much.
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    I bought this a couple of years back as a budget-price release entitled "Bold as brass". If I remember correctly, the Moorside Suite and Severn Suite were not part of its original incarnation. There's certainly some good things there, and it is good to hear some of the Hogarth Lear lollipops - I particularly like "Barney's Tune" and "Hogarth's Hoedown".

    As for companies reissuing old recordings, it is a pity they are not obliged to state clearly on the outside packaging the origins of the tracks they have used. With both brass and military material, it seems that a lot of old stuff is appearing in various compilations - there are some gems amongst it, but a lot of rubbish as well!
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    It is the same CD john, and you are right the recording is a cracking listen, just the naming I have a problem with.
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    Hi Mark,

    I received my 'Winter Sale' catalogue from Britannia Music yesterday. on page 31 is a big advert of a CD entitled 'The Very Best of Grimethorpe Colliery Band' (no UK Coal mentioned). The label is Decca. It says "A collection of the finest performances of the famous Grimethorpe Colliery Band. Includes Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines for the first time on CD.

    Doesn't that last boast fly in the face of whats already been mentioned in earlier posts?

    Tracks also include: Red Sky at Night, Hogarth's Hoe Down, I dream of Jeannie, Barney's Tune, Cornet Concerto, Stars & Stripes Forever.

    What do you make of that?
  10. PeterBale

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    Definitely the same as my budget price "Bold as brass", with "Magnificent men" added :shock:
  11. Kerwintootle

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    I forgot to add that Britannia Music are charging £9.99 plus p&p.