New GOFF RICHARDS duet - Flugel/Cornet

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  1. *NEW DUET* From The Pen Of Goff Richards, Never Before Released...

    The Girl From Zamora
    Goff Richards (Section 3+)

    When the name Goff Richards is attached to a piece of music, you can be certain that strong melodies & memorable themes will follow. This piece, never before released, is a wonderful cornet/flugel duet that congers up the images of a relaxed Spanish lifestyle, in this easy going, laid back gem of a concert item. Originally recorded by Alan Morrison on his CD ‘Memorable Melodies”, this duet is the perfect item for both bandstands and concert halls. Not to be missed!

    Full score & parts: £20.95
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  2. Rapier

    Rapier Supporting Member

    Is there not a version arranged by the great man himself?
  3. Gavin Somerset

    Gavin Somerset New Member

    Indeed there is, although sadly, not for brass band. This arrangement was made a few years ago by myself & then Goff made some tweaks & alterations until he was happy that it would reflect the original work. (As I had no score etc, only a recording to work from, Goff was able to add all the bits I'd missed!!!). Really glad that this piece is now being made available to all bands.
  4. Rapier

    Rapier Supporting Member

    Thanks for that Gavin, I'll have a go at the solo part before getting it for the band (just in case ;)).