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    Hello fellow tMPers. now has a full band version of that Robbie Williams classic - "FEEL".

    Also, if you have never heard that beautiful John Stainer setting, "God So Loved The World", then you have missed something. Anyway, there is a "Meditation" based on this composition, now available, and very suitable for your Christmas programme too.

    Talking of Christmas, don't forget my arrangement of "Cowboy Carol" (with optional band vocals!), and "Xmas Ditty".

    Finally, if you have an account with JUST BRASS, (or you want to pay by card), my music is on there also.

    Tim Paton (timbone)
  2. sniperjp

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    Hi Tim. this is lewis from the parr band. just had to say that the arrangement of meditation is beautiful. it is my favorite arrangment of yours

    TIMBONE Active Member

    Hi Lewis. Thanks ever so much for that kind comment. Tim