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  1. flashbarry

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    Recent Publications from Studio music, suitable for all bands!!

    Penny Lane

    The Lennon and McCartney classic faithfully arranged, give your sop a chance to shine!


    Quality arrangement featuring several soloists around the band.

    St Clements

    A beautiful setting of this popular hymn tune, not a fanfare in sight! :lol:

    Old Hundreth

    All People That On Earth Do Dwell in a majestic arrangement.

    Both recorded by Faireys on Hymns Ancient and Modern.
  2. Moy

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    Oooooooooooooooooooo...has "Something" got nice bits for the horn then Darrol?
    Oops sorry or should I say Mr Barry :wink:
  3. Naomi McFadyen

    Naomi McFadyen New Member

    I have one thing to say about this arrangment...

    I LOVE it! :D :lol:
    Buy it!!!

    We played it at a brass workshop the SWBBA organise each year... Goff leds it and then there are 2 guess conductors... (Had Richard Evans and Brian Howard this year)... Played Penny Lane through (Richard conducting) and it went down a hoot! 116(ish) brass and me on drums...

  4. Dave Payn

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    Haven't tried the latter two but can thoroughly recommend the Beatles numbers! Particularly Penny Lane where sop players get to play the famous piccolo trumpet solo!
  5. HBB

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    I bet the drums were still too loud! :lol: :roll:
  6. flashbarry

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    The euphs and barits have the tune, then the up tempo part, next is a cornet solo followed by a duet for solo horn and 1st baritone.

    Buy it - you know you want to 8)