New Freckleton Band CD - 'In the Search for Atlantis'

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    The Freckleton Band is pleased to announce the release of ‘In the Search for Atlantis’, the band’s 5th CD release to date.

    Recorded by Brian Hillson and B+H Sound, it features a varied program, including several ‘Premiere’ performances and recordings, including 3 items (including the title track) by YBS’s new Composer in Residence, Ben Tubb. His contributions are sure to become popular in the band world, and we’re delighted to have had Ben in the band before his move to YBS. There are also new arrangements by band members Jonathan Hall (‘Elegy’, Parry) and Alan Brewer (‘Seguidilla’ from Carmen)

    Also included is (we think) the first CD recording of Henry Geehl’s classic composition ‘Normandy’, and with solos from band members Alex Thomas, cornet, (‘Charivari’ and ‘The Rose’), Patrick Howard, euphonium, (‘Variations’), Ben Tubb, horn, (‘Ballad’ from his own horn concerto) and Vicky Byrne, vocal, (‘Seguidilla’ and ‘Du Bist die Ruh’) the CD has something for everyone.

    We thank Brian and his team for a wonderful weekend of recording last September, and hope to work with them again soon.

    More details can be found at the band’s website, , where the CD can also be ordered online.

    Andy Cattanach, Chairman, Freckleton Band.
  2. KMJ Recordings

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    Already ordered mine - looking forward to hearing Ben's stuff.

    Hope it makes you a few bob, Andy :D
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    For those who've been thinking about it, it's well worth a punt.

    Mr Thomas and the Band are on form and there's some interesting new stuff on there....very nice :clap:
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    Why thankyou Keith!
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    I'm not sure if that's a compliment or an insult!
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    At work today I've eventually had the chance to listen to my copy, and I would just like to endorse what other people have said about this recording. I found it one of the most enjoyable discs I've listened to for a while, both in terms of the choice of programme and the playing itself.

    It's always good to see new composers being encouraged -- even if one of them is Benny:eek: - and the new arrangements and compositions are well worth hearing. I especially enjoyed Ben's solo,and in fact both he and Alex on cornet acquit themselves very well.

    Also good to hear Henry Geehl's "Normandy" - very attractive writing, although I presume the percussion parts have been rewritten. as I can't imagine that tubular bell part in the Grand Shield of the1940s!

    The only item I felt a little uncomfortable with was "Praise my Soul", where there seemed a little conflict in approach between the top and bottom of the band.

    Recommended to anyone looking for something out of the ordinary, either for themselves or as a present (only some 20 or so weeks to Christmas ;))
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    No, completely original Peter!

    Thanks for your kind words!

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    Hey Andy, I saw these on the desk in the bandroom office last night. Il take a copy from you next time I see you definately! I think the band is fantastic!! Il try and remember.. ;)
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    Absolutely a compliment, Ben.
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    Woot then :)