New Foundation Diploma in Band Studies

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    The Nationwide Independent College of Higher Education (NICHE) Faculty of Music and Performance has today launched its new Foundation Diploma courses, including a new Foundation Diploma in Band Studies.

    The one-year Foundation Diplomas are NICHE’s own courses, which are equivalent to 3 ‘A’-Levels and are recommended as both pathways to a degree and stand-alone courses.

    The new Foundation Diploma in Band Studies is designed for everyone interested in brass and concert bands and focuses on the aspects of musicianship vital to enhance, develop and refresh the banding movement, educating people in order to promote the very highest musical standards within band movements.

    The course will be delivered on a flexible basis with input from industry experts who form part of NICHE’s Nationwide Independent Board of Band Advisers (NIBBA). Core subjects will include Understanding Music, Listening Skills and Adjudication which will be based on the promotion of a criteria based judging concept.

    Director of Creative Development Tabby Clegg said: “These are very exciting courses and we are especially proud of our flagship Foundation Diploma in Band Studies course. We have spoken to many professional musicians who are very supportive of what we are doing, including Steven Mead who is delighted that an educational institution is taking up the mantle to promote a healthy criteria based adjudication system for the future and hopefully between us we can incite some real change.
    “We hope that by creating NIBBA, which can be on-hand to educate our students and also offer professional advice to organisations within the band movement that we can create unique opportunities for our students and help to secure a flourishing future for the respective band movements.”

    Students passing the Foundation Diploma Courses will be offered an automatic place on our BA degree course.

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