New Format for EABBA Contest 2015

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    The East Anglian Brass BandAssociation’s 2015 entertainment contest on 10[SUP]th[/SUP] May at St Andrew’sHall, Norwich will be in a new format. Therewill be 4 sections, Championship (Championship/First Section), Class A (Second/ThirdSection), Class B (Fourth Section/Bands that don’t compete nationally) and a YouthSection. The adjudication will be open with two adjudicators (one for musical performanceand one for entertainment and stage presentation). Registration will be analphabetical list submitted no later than two weeks before the contest.

    The contest is open to memberand non member bands.

    Any band that is interestedshould contact the Association Chairman Christine Wade ( forfurther information.
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    The East Anglian Brass Band Association's Entertainments Contest takes place at St Andrew's Hall, Norwich on 10th May 2015. Entry forms are now available. For further information and an entry form contact Association Chairman, Christine Wade ( The contest is followed by a concert commencing at 6.30pm by the Leyland Band.
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    Tim - no it didnt. Highest graded band entered was Cawston, who are nationally graded as Section 2 and therefore A section under the terms of the new EABBA grading. All other entered bands were nationally graded as Section 4 (Castleton) and Non-nationally graded bands
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