New flugel? What to buy these days?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Nickcolch, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. Nickcolch

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    I need a new Flugel as mine is naff and the valves keep sticking! I think it's beyond an overhaul as the third valve is bent and has caused damage to the inside of the valve casing.Does anyone have any advice on which one to buy these days? New or a good second hand make?Thanks in advance,Nick
  2. flash harry

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    What is your budget?
  3. Nickcolch

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    good question, not really sure as it is the band who's paying! I need to get some idea of costs and let the chairman know! (he'll probably read this post soon enough though!! lol)
  4. trumpetmike

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    Eclipse (my personal choice)
    Van Laar

    These should all be tried so you can make a decision about what works for you
  5. WoodenFlugel

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    I'd add Conn Vintage One and possibly Courtois 155R onto Mike's list.

    To be honest any of the above are good instruments (although the build quality of Courtois can be a bit shonky). Ideally you should try them all and back to back if possible and pick the one that works best for you.
  6. Nickcolch

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    Thanks for your responces guys!
  7. WoodenFlugel

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    Just realised I'd basically repeated Mike word-for-word in my last post. Sorry Mike, I should read the whole post before replying instead of just scanning it...:oops:

    Anyway, one thing to say about those recommendations is there is a pretty big spread of what each of those flugels will cost you. The Courtois will cost probably around the £1500 mark, with the Conn coming next then Kanstul, Van Larr and finishing with the Adams, Eclipse and Taylor at £2000+ (perhaps upto £2500-£3000 once you've added all the various bells and whistles you can specify the custom built instruments with). In my case I would've loved to have tried the Eclipse, (the Adams flugel wasn't available then I don't think) but it was just too expensive for my budget.
  8. Mr. Stomvi

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  9. euphalogy

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    You may wish to consider a Geneva? beautiful deep rich sound, easy blowing, very responsive and an extrememely well put together package .
  10. Spaniels Ears

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    I got mine about 10 months ago and tried:

    Yamaha YFH-8310Z Bobby Shew

    The kanstul was terrible with a nasty sound even thought was was over 2k. With the conn I didn't like the valves. I ended up going with the new 8 series shew which was one of the first in the uk. It has a slightly smaller bell but a stunning sound-would strongly recommend at least trying it (1680ish in price, so great value)
  11. trumpetmike

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    Most of my posts are worth ignoring completely - I feel honoured that you feel the urge even to scan them :D

    Not quite sure how easily available Adams are in the UK, I have only tried them in the US. I also haven't checked the prices recently but when I first played them they were considerably cheaper than the Eclipse.

    The custom makes might be expensive, but for me it was worth the extra - playing my Eclipse (copper bell) has been the only time I have sounded like a flugel player - normally I sound like a trumpet player blowing into a flugel.
  12. davel1975

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    Bach Stradivarius for me if I had to choose and wasn't spending my own money ;)

    Available at just over £2k at Normans - very reasonable...
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    I've had my Conn Vintage one for 8 years now and it still holds it's own. Superb