New flugel solo cd from john lee

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    The new Flugel solo CD from Brighouse & Rastricks John Lee was launched at The Lighthouse Theatre in Kettering on Sat 28th Nov. John was accompanied by the fabulous girls from Boobs & Brass. Every penny raised from the sale of the CD will be donated to The Breast Cancer Campaign.

    Tracks include : Our Love Is Here To Stay, Doyle's Lament, Oh Mio Babbino Caro, Alexandra Burke's version of Hallelujah. I've Got You Under My Skin. There are two Brand new pieces by Alan Fernie, Alfie and Right Here Waiting (Whatever It Takes) plus many more. It is on sale now and can be obtained from Maggie at Boobs & Brass, Tel : 07833 663448 or John 07831 199116 or Music House Productions or www.boobs&

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    what ever it takes

    Heard John Lee in Kettering on sat with Boobs and Brass. Played What ever it takes. Great playing, great sound, great arrangment. Bought the CD. Had to queue for ages tho, bot worth it
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    Me thinks Ill be 'avin one :tongue:
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    Don't know why those links won't work. If you type music house productions in the search engine, it should find it. Same with Boobs and Brass
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    well worth spending your hard earned on... the Alan Fernie arrangement of Right Here Waiting (Whatever It Takes) which he penned especially for this project is worth the price of the CD alone!!!

    Congratulations to John and the girls on producing a great CD for a GREAT cause.

    .... now go buy it!

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    :clap:I agree. Listened to it a lot the last couple of days and the alan Fernie arrangements are all bob on. Ther's one without band called halleluja, just keyboard and flugel, different but is really effective, and doyles lament is awesome. Not come across john much, but its a wicked sound
  9. Our website is in the process of being updated - in the meantime you can order a CD via or contact Maggie on 07833 663448 or John 07831 199116

    Fantastic CD & fantastic concert with Brighouse & Rastrick last Saturday! :clap:
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    Hopefully this CD will get John known.

    Have to admit, a lovely sound - and a nice bloke too :-D
    The few bars of Carol Jarvis in I've got you under my skin are storming too. What a sound!

    It is good to hear feedback on the CD already - I am glad people like it. I think it is really well put together, but I am heavily biased!
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    Thanks Di
    So long as people go out and buy it and then ejoy it, it's all been worth it, cos it's for a cracking cause
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    It should also be available on 4br shortly...

    Remember Derek sugggests buying two in case one scratches ;-)
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    NOW AVAILABLE. ALSO ON 4barsrest

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    Have a listen to the Hymn tune stannington. Never heard of it B4. Haunting tune. it's brill
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    Absolutely fab CD but I'm biased as well as Di. Well worth the money and for a great cause. Apparently sold one in Japan!! Wonderful feedback already. John (an honorary boobie now) is a lovely chap and player - had great fun doing this :biggrin:

    Thanks to those who have already bought it and those who are about to ;) just in time for Xmas and beyond!!!! :tup
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    Cheers Lynda. One gone to the states as well

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    Is it to late for CD of the year cos by all accounts, its gonna raise a few grand. thats gotta put it up there
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    Lets bump this back to the top again...

    GREAT CD with a fantastic soloist, amazing band and for a truly special cause!

    I've been listening to it in the car for the last couple of days and it gets better and better.
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    Gave my Mum her copy last night - she said she doesn't like Alfie but like this arrangement?!?! :-D
    She particularly loves Hallelujah, send in the clowns and I'll walk with God. She also really likes the picture of John on the cover!! *blushes* Sorry John!

    Not bad saying she isn't a mainstream brass band fan.
    She says she will play it to relax to and sing along with. Although this does ruin the quality of the piece (you haven't heard her sing!) it also shows it will be appreciated by non-banders.
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    The response has been overwhelming. They're flying out. I sent six out to a lad who is a Flugel player. He texted me last night. This is what he said. " Wow John, just got out of the car. I sat on the drive listening to your CD. It's the best I've heard. It's easy listening and a pleasure to hear. Your sound is first class and the girls sound brilliant. Well done
    Thats what makes it all worth it and a big pot of cash for the Breast Cancer Campaign isn't bad either