New faces and lots to look forward to for Ireland Colliery

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    New faces and lots to look forward to for Ireland Colliery

    After a few old faces left the band at the end of June and July Ireland Colliery Chesterfield band are pleased to announce a few new faces to the ranks before the Bolsover Entertainment contest in October.

    The first of the quartet of new signings is Paul Harding on Soprano Cornet. Paul played with the band previously 4 years ago but left and took up some conducting roles before rejoining the band. He is also the Secretary for Area 3 of the National Association of Brass Band Conductors. Commenting on Paul’s arrival Ian Knapton said “It’s great to welcome Paul back to the band with him he brings experience and is a harder worker so I look forward to working with him again.”

    The next new face is Karen Squires on Flugel, once again Karen has played with the band previously about 5 years ago when she was in the band with her Husband Martin and son Lewis. Karen has not played for around 5 years but she has shown in the last week she still is a class act on Flugel. Commenting on Karen’s arrival Ian Knapton said “it is great to welcome Karen back to the band we all know of Karen’s experience and we all know what a star player she is. I would also like to thank George Newbould our youngest player who covered the Flugel seat for a few weeks and did a great job but has moved on to Rep to welcome Karen.”

    Also joining the band is Susanna Doxey who joins on the back row. Susanna has never played in a Brass band before but has been playing for 4 years. She is said to be looking forward to helping the band carry on its success it has been having over the last couple of years.

    The final signing to the band is Faith Whatley who joins the band on Solo Cornet. Faith has been out of the banding scene for 5 years due to having children but now they are older she feels it is about time she got back into the banding. She has played with Ashover and Bakewell Brass bands in the past and commenting on Faith’s arrival Ian Knapton said “it’s great to welcome Faith to the band and hope she enjoys being part of the team. She has already shown she is a hard worker and committed to delivering the best that she can achieve.”

    With all these signings the band is back to full strength and is well underway in their rehearsals for the Bolsover Contest on Saturday 2nd October. They are also preparing for their big charity concert which is the night before Bolsover in aid of Leukaemia Research, the Anthony Nolan Trust and The Ashgate Hospice. This is held at the Speedwell Rooms Staveley near Chesterfield. If you would like to know more details please visit the bands website tickets are £10 for adults and all money goes to the three Charities.

    The band is also holding a Christmas concert in the historical Crooked Spire in the Heart of Chesterfield on Saturday 11th December with tickets now on sell and already have sold 100 of them please contact the band for more details at
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