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    I have a new Facebook page and would be greatful if you would like it for me, so as you can keep up to date with what I'm doing, perhaps you will find a performance of one of my pieces you would like to attend and it is also publicity for me, which is very important for a composer. The link and my biography is below. Thank you.

    Thomas Brown is a young composer, with experience writing in many fields. He also holds grade 8 in cornet and piano and has experience conducting.
    Thomas was born in Huddersfield and has lived in the area since. He attended secondary school at Holmfirth High School and whilst there, took part in many concerts, competitions and trips within the UK and abroad, one such trip being to London in 2009 to play in the Royal Albert Hall. Also whilst at Holmfirth, he arranged music to be played by the Skelmanthorpe Brass Band to accompany Paul Potts at Huddersfield Town Hall.

    After leaving Holmfirth High School at the end of 5 years, he began studies in composition, trumpet and piano at the Chetham's School of Music, alongside A levels. There, he has participated in many composers concerts and also undertook the task of writing a piece to be played by the sixth form 10 piece brass ensemble and the perscussion ensemble at the opening ceremonies of the new school building, one ceremony being attended by HRH Earl of Wessex. Other pieces written whilst at Chetham's include "The Desolate Aftermath" - a piece exploring the aftermath of the apocalypse using microtonal harmony with an instrumentation of flute, double bass and baglama; "Mediterranean Nights" - a flugel horn solo with big band accompaniment in a spanish style (premiered by Joel Cooper - an x-Chets student - as soloist ; and "Demolition" - a work for brass band, based on the destruction of the Tinsley Viaduct Towers, originally written for one the UK's leading brass band's youth partner.

    In Autumn 2012, Thomas earned places to study composition at multiple conservatoires (one offer being unconditional) and was also offered scholarships.

    Thomas is currently working on an orchestral work, based on the birth of the solar system, which will be premiered on Wednesday 26th of June 2013 in the Whiteley Hall at Chetham's School of Music (admission is free and the concert begins at 7:30). There are also other very exiting performances being planned which are yet to be confirmed.
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    Best of luck with your composing, Tom. But I expect you would prefer exciting performances to exiting ones. We've all had some of those!
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    Whoops! I'll have to change that! Thank you :)

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