New Euph and Resident for Brighouse

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Jonno, Apr 14, 2005.

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    Looking on 4 Bars Rest I see their new 'rumour mill'. On it they talk about Steve Miles leaving Brighouse to jet off to Australia. So, who do you think he replacement will/should be; an established Euph player or, perhaps, a punt on somebody not so well known.

    Any thoughts on possibilities, here are some top class Euph players from me who might be tempted to move :-

    Mike Howley (Faireys)
    Morgan Griffiths (YBS)
    Rob Woods (Travelsphere)
    Billy Miller (Leyland)
    Mark Bousie (Sellers)

    Any more thoughts from anyone else?

    Also, any rumours or thoughts about who their new resident may be. I've given it some thought and the following names are those I can think of who may be suitable and open to temptation :-

    Brian Grant (Carlton Main)
    Russell Gray (Various)
    David Stowell (Travelsphere)
    Bryan Hurdley (Mount Charles)
    Thomas Wyss
    Gareth Pritchard (ex-EYMS)

    What does everyone think ?

    'Jonno' Phillips
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    Brenden Wheeler ??