New Eastman Brass Band range

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    Eastman Musical Instruments launched into Europe in 2004, now in 2010 with over 10,000 very satisfied customers across Europe, provides you a statement of evidence that the Eastman range are high quality with a competitive price.

    The Eastman brand is definitely a brand to watch, when compared to the well known leading brands, customers can be very confident of the build quality & the excellent workmanship.

    A Large warehouse based in Germany enables fast deliveries, normally within 7 - 14 working days from order.

    In August 2010 Helios UK was appointed the UK Distributor for Eastman Musical Instruments due to the vast experience & knowledge of the Helios UK proprietor having been involved in Brass Bands for over 40 years at all levels to address the UK market.

    The Eastman range is hard to beat by any other musical Instrument manufacturer.

    Place your order now, you will not be disappointed, over 10,000 customers can't be wrong.

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