NEW Drum Kit Solo (with band) Released

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    NEW Drum Kit Feature
    with Brass Band


    A Kit Of Fun (Section 4+)
    Feature for Drum Kit and Brass Band
    Something Different For Your Concerts

    Drummers are now an integral part of the modern brass band that they accompany. However, there are not too many chances for your drummer to take the limelight. All that can now change with this light-hearted new release. A light swing piece in style, this entertaining work offers drummers the chance to show off their skills and more importantly, is accessible to players of many levels. Whilst a drum part is clearly written out, the soloist is advised to ‘ad lib’ throughout, allowing the player to make their part as easy or as complex as they wish. This is great showcase item that is just something different from the norm and suits all concert programmes.

    Full score & parts: £21.50
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