New Direction For Sale Brass

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    Four months ago, Sale Brass Band set out to look for a new Musical Director. Over a dozen good quality candidates pitched for the job but, in the end, the decision was unanimous. If independent confirmation were needed that the band had made the right choice, it came from reaction of a leading championship player to the news: "What, THE John Dickinson?".
    John's superlative teaching skills are already having a marked effect. His long experience with the Halle and elsewhere and teaching at the RNCM and Chethams are evident in his ability to reach out to a player, identify a problem and offer a solution - with just the right amount of explanation. Life today at Sale Brass is exciting: John is the consummate gentleman but, somehow, gives no quarter in getting the absolute maximum from the band.
    Where next? Well, John is keen to support Sale's Training Band, and he will be conducting a joint session between Sale Brass and Foden's Richardson Band at the Altrincham Garrick on 25th November. After that, who knows? But Sale Brass is certainly going places.