new cornets?

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  1. Having spent the last few years fund raising for a new band room, my band haven't been able to buy many new instruments recently. But, with the band room nearing completion, we are finally looking to buy some new cans. Trouble is, the market has changed so much in the last couple of years with the demise of Boosey and emergence of new names, I've rather lost touch.

    So, new cornets. I'm familar with Smith-Watkins stuff and Yamaha, although I haven't tried the new Xeno, but what are the other names for top quality cornets, and what do people reckon to them for quality, performance and price?
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    We have a great cornet available, the helios UK Premier.

    Matches all the leading brands, but very affordable.

    We can provide a demonsrator for you to test one out.

    Please visit

    You will also see customer comments on this Cornet which will help you.

    it has been compared to the Yamaha etc and has good praise from all.


    Chris Johnston
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    My band have been using virtuosi instruments of late and these are very high quality instruments based upon the classic besson style at a very good price.Thourghly recommended.
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    Getzen 3850 Silver

    I just purchased a Getzen 3850 Silver. It has a copper bell, .462 bore and triggers. I love mine. I play it in a Sally band of sorts. I also play it with a trumpet section in a concert band. The quality and sound are awesome. You guys over in the UK should be able to get these pretty cheap, although I don't know about your VAT. I saw some on Dawkes UK before I bought mine from Washington Music in the states.

    This horn plays and sounds great.