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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Wil, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. Wil

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    Hi everyone, i'm looking into getting a new instrument very soon. I've never really had my own apart from the student cornet i started on and then i've played on a cortois for a few years. The principal cornet player has a yamaha xeno and he really likes it but i haven't played on one yet (i'm looking to borrow his for a day or two to see if i like it). I've also tried an older sov which i liked for solo playing but when i played with a band i didn't like it so much and i've heard the new sov's aren't that good? I have on loan at the moment a getzen custom which i really quite like and i was just wondering what everyone thought about these instruments, which ones you liked, which ones you didn't and also if you had the choice which one would you spend your money on or any other reccomendations for a new cornet.

    Cheers people, any help or advice would be great!
  2. Morgans Bach

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    Hey Wil!

    There are many threads on tMP discussing the pro's and con's of many of the cornets you mentioned; I'm not sure how to paste the links onto this thread, but perhaps a more experienced tMPer / moderator may be of assistance?! You could also use the 'search' tool above to find such threads.

    I really do think that 'personal opinion' plays a huge part in your decision, and the best thing you can do is try as many cornets as possible; borrowing your principal's Xeno for example is a good idea (however, remember that all cornets of the same model will not necessarily be of the same caliber!).

    Just from a personal point of view, I use to play a Yamaha Maestro, and found it to be a very nice cornet. Valves were very smooth. Having tried and tested a friend's Besson Sovereign, I preferred its tone to the Yamaha, but the build quality and valves were far less superior (on this example at least!). Have just bought a Courtois Chambord II, but it hasn't arrived yet, so can't comment on that yet! I'll let you know! (I've contradicted myself here, and bought a 2nd hand one without even trying it! Oops! ;))

    Anyways, good luck with your selection!
  3. smaca

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    I had a 1982 Richard Smith designed Sovereign and played it for 22 years. Awesome cornet, and loved it(still have it in fact;emotionally attached:rolleyes: ). In 2004 I changed to the Prestige and I also find this to be a terrific cornet. Had initial teething problems with valves and some cosmetics, but after sorting these problems out I must say it is great to play. Tried all other kinds at that time but this was the best for me. Never tried the Xeno so cannot comment on that model.
  4. dontmaketimangry

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    Smith-Watkins. They are well made and sound great. The instrument is set-up to how YOU want it to play and sound. I've heard good things about the Xeno and Yamaha build quality is always consistant. I wouldn't even consider a Prestige but an older (pre 1992) recently serviced Sovereign would be a good buy.
  5. Anno Draconis

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    I've got a 1988 (ish) 928 Sovereign which is superb, but getting on a bit, and I've been wondering about getting something new recently. It's going to take a top notch instrument to get the Sov off my face though! I wouldn't touch a recent Besson with a pooey stick after everything I've heard about build/finish quality. Fred Rhodes in Delph have (or had last week) a Smith Watkins and an Eclipse, both of which I'm hoping to try, along with a Xeno. I've tried a Courtois and didn't like it, same with a Maestro although not as instantly as I loathed the Courtois. I think you can visit the Eclipse workshop and try out an assortment of leadpipes/bore sizes to get something that's right for you, and FR have a selection of Smith Watkins bores/leadpipes that you can mix and match.

    SW, Eclipse and Xeno all come in (I think) around £1800 new list price before haggling/deals/trade-in.
  6. Wil

    Wil New Member

    After reading round a bit more i've found that Smith-Watkins seem to be very very good instruments (our old principle used to have one but i never played it). There are two different models the soloist (around 2 grand?) and the professional (about £1400 i think)... I've been offered the getzen custom 3850 (standard one with none of the options) for just over 900 (retail at something like £1300 ish)... is it worth paying the extra and getting a smith watkins or something like a prestige?
  7. zak

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    Try as many different ones as you can as everyone has their own personal opinion on instruments as shown on numerous similar threads over the past year.

    Can't really see the point in asking something like that on a forum like this as its a totally personal thing and what's good for one might not suit you.

    Just my advice :tup

    Good luck in your search!!!!
  8. Anno Draconis

    Anno Draconis Well-Known Member

    Fair point. I can't get on with Courtois but the whole Foden's cornet section play them (or used to?) so they can't be that bad! I don't know 2 cornet players (or trumpet players either) that agree totally on their choice of weaponry and the only answer is to try as many as poss. Most dealers will let you take an instrument to band so you can give it a proper trial, I wouldn't part with serious wedges of hard-earned until I'd done this.

    Maybe make a shortlist based on what you can afford, whittle it down to 2 or 3 in the shop and try them out at band and see how you get on?

    Whatever happens, post the results here so I can refer to them when I start shopping around! :D ;)