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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by LukasAndersen, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. LukasAndersen

    LukasAndersen New Member

    I've been wanting to change my mouthpiece to a different size recently mainly because that although I like the mouthpiece I want to see if anything else is better... I'm currently using a Denis Wick 4. I also have a Besson 7 but haven't used it in a long time! So does anybody have any ideas for a different mouthpiece that will give me a good tone and is good in the higher registers? ... Keep the suggestions mainly inside the Denis Wick area but if you feel that there are better things then tell me! :biggrin:
  2. Vegasbound

    Vegasbound Active Member

    Good tone & good high register are obtained by a regular structured practice regime!

    I would suggest using the money for a lesson with a good teacher, if a change is needed they will advise but it will save you money and frustration in the end!
  3. LukasAndersen

    LukasAndersen New Member

    Haha! Guess I phrased that in a wrong way! I practice regularly on my cornet but I feel the need for a change! A mouthpiece affects your tone and your register slightly so I was wondering if there was anything better? I think that my "teacher" uses a Denis Wick 3... which is according to Denis Wick's homepage "For strong soloists" ....doesn't really give a fitting description!
  4. Vegasbound

    Vegasbound Active Member

    Then if you have a teacher it's a discussion to have with him/her!

    otherwise you will only get well intentioned suggestions from members who haven't seen or heard you play!
  5. LukasAndersen

    LukasAndersen New Member

    The reason for putting the word teacher in "" was that he really isn't my teacher! He taught me how to play the cornet and then he has helped in various things. He is more of a friend then a teacher! Maybe I should change this thread to a "what mouthpiece do you use?" just to get some ideas....
  6. Vegasbound

    Vegasbound Active Member

    Then I refer you to my first post!
  7. AndrewL

    AndrewL Member

    I suggest you go to a good music shop and try a few to see what suits you. Thus is a very personal choice and what suits me will not suit you. It also depends on the playing you are doing as e.g. a deeper cup will give you a richer tone but less stamina.
  8. BrianT

    BrianT Member

    First impressions...

    A mouthpiece that superficially impresses in a music shop probably won't be the right one for you in the long term. For 30 years I've been playing trumpet on a Bach #1 (I use a #1 with a cornet shank on cornet and sop) which I originally bought because I'd been told I'd be given one if I ever went to music college (ha!). At first it felt huge on my face, and took ages before the range came back. My advice is always use the biggest mouthpiece you can but be prepared to put in lots of work.

    I later played in a big band where the seat 1 player was pumping out super Cs using exactly the same trumpet and mp as me - and I realised that if I couldn't do the same it was down to me not the equipment I was using.

    What I'm saying is that you need to make a commitment to your mouthpiece, and don't lapse into the 'new golf-clubs' syndrome, or you become a sucker to buy every new fashionable thing that comes along. The best money you can spend musically is on lessons, not on new gear...
  9. Mr. Stomvi

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  10. Tam O Shanter

    Tam O Shanter Member

    As others have said - don't just change for the sake of it, and maybe you could get advice from teachers etc.

    But, to answer your question, if you want to stay with Denis Wick then:

    A Denis Wick 4B will be shallower than your 4 but otherwise will be similar.
    A Denis Wick 3 will be wider across the rim than your 4.
    A Denis Wick 3B will be wider and shallower.

    More details on Denis Wick mouthpieces here including rim size and depth of cup:

    Some people suggest trying the Heritage ones and reckon they're better than the classic ones, so - presuming you're using a classic one - you could try a heritage one or vice versa.

    The Denis Wick Roger Webster (RW) mouthpieces have been discontinued, but you can still find them second hand on ebay and on the classified ads here from time to time. These are typically a bit deeper than the normal denis wick ones in my experience. So a Denis Wick RW 4B is deeper than a Denis Wick 4B but shallower than a Denis Wick 4. There are other differences (such as the backbore size as well).

    You could try Roger Webster's own brand of mouthpiece (Alliance). He has a website, but it will cost you about £40 a go to try them if you buy them new.

    I recently tried a number of different mouthpieces. It would be very pricey to buy them all new to try. I found a lot second hand and bought about £100 worth (6 mouthpieces) so I could try them at home at my leisure.

    The Yamaha David King mouthpiece that comes free with Yamaha Xeno cornets may be worth a try as well. If you can find someone you know who has a Xeno cornet then you may be able to borrow one of these and try it without having to fork out any cash.

    Anyway, while the other posters are right and you should be careful about just changing for the sake of it, I think some of the suggestions above might be worth trying - sometimes in my experience you find that you were struggling with an unsuitable mouthpiece and you didn't realise until you try something newer and more suitable for you. The difficulty is trying everything without forking out a lot of cash.

    You could also go to a music shop and try a few mouthpieces there, but it is never the best environment to try them in IMHO.

    Hope that helps.


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