New composition - Solo for Trombone & Band: "CloudScape"

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by TonyW, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. TonyW

    TonyW Supporting Member

    The link is:

    It has 4 min 11 sec duration.

    This demo has been a pain to balance, as the computerised brass mixtures of Sibelius, GPO and EWQL don`t sit comfortably together, so I hope the audio has a certain reasonability about it, to show what the piece is all about.

    (Soundcloud is the facility where anyone can submit their mp3s and any other formats. You get a nice picture also!).

  2. TonyW

    TonyW Supporting Member

    I`ve created a PDF of the score if anyone is interested,
  3. winterman

    winterman Member

    Sounding very good.. Nice work again sir! :clap:

    Reminds me of one of those BBC documentaries soundtracks where they go soaring over a landscape wildernesses.
  4. TonyW

    TonyW Supporting Member

    Thank you, sir! All I need now is a trombonist and a band and I can delete the demo - It`s one of my worst - brass is difficult. Did you notice the cymbal roll (somewhere in the middle) made the soloist`s sustained note wobble also? Sounded like circus music for a couple of secs. (Maybe I need lower final volume settings than the other stuff I`ve produced).
    Nevertheless, it seems to have served its purpose for you - cheers.
  5. Bass Trumpet

    Bass Trumpet Active Member

    Nice piece, I hope you are able to sell a few copies.
  6. TonyW

    TonyW Supporting Member


    Like many more, I think I`ll have to sell my soul and GIVE it away . . . . . :(
    But thank you for your kind comment Mr Wilson - very much appreciated.
  7. xRinat

    xRinat Member

    This sounds really good, love all the effects and details!
  8. TonyW

    TonyW Supporting Member

    Many thanks xRinat, Glad you like it. You may view the score at my new web address:

    New, because SibeliusMusic is closing it`s `self publishing` site next month. It`s `handed over` to two people who are ex-Sibelius employees. Everyone`s a bit miffed, as the new site have stated they are not going to run a forum. The end of an era . . . . !

    Best wishes,
    Tony Wakefield
  9. eflatbass

    eflatbass Supporting Member

    I would just like to add my endorsement to Tony's trombone solo. It's beautifully written, and a great tribute to his obvious and proven skills as a composer.
  10. TonyW

    TonyW Supporting Member

    I`m getting one or two others like yours Barry, and can`t remember if I replied to you - I find tMP e-mail notification page a bit complicated. Anyway - my thanks to you, you`re very kind.

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