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    I have written a little book for young musicians to inspire them to get creative and write their own music.

    "I Can Write Music!" is a project book with helpful ideas and tips alongside blank manuscript paper. It was inspired by the number of students I teach who, even in the very early stages of learning, come to me with pieces they have written. It is a great way of aiding their learning, and I wanted to create something that could offer a bit of guidance and introduce some new ideas.

    The book is non-instrument specific and encourages the composer to write for the insturment they play, using nores they know, so that they can perform their own pieces. It is available on (link below) and for only £3.99.

    If you know of any children who are currently learning an insturment this is an ideal gift to encourage them in their musical development. If you like it, please share with others.

    Robin Langdon
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