new composing and arranging talent wanted urgently please

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    Hi all

    I am looking for a test-piece for school wind/brass band around 5 minutes long to be used as the set work for the Muse 2006 Fetsival taking place in April this year.

    The piece does not have to be brand new but unplayed in the Far East. Anyone that has anything suitable or would like to write something in a short space of time please feel free to contact me.

    Anyone can tender a work but I thought it might be a nice idea to throw the floor open to anyone wanting to break into the composing arena.

    The festival is a new initiative which hopes to establish itself as one of the foremost multi-cultural arts festivals in Singapore. It is open to wind and brass bands so a work which is playable by both would be preferred. the age range of the bands is 12-18 years old but they are generally of a high playing standard.

    If you are interetsed - please contact me at:


    Tabby Clegg

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