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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by JDH, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. JDH

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    I have long thought the traditional British BBb Bass are overly large, with too great a reach to 4th valve - and rather small bell throat compared to the best American and German contrabass tubas. The fantastic new British designed Wessex EXCELSIOR Compensated BBb tuba addresses these issues and is the compensated BBb of my dreams. Little larger than a compensated EEb, with identical reach to 4th valve and very similar ergonomics - it has rich broad tone and is a pleasure to play. Its tone fits well with brass bands as shown by Friary Guildford band being awarded BEST BASS SECTION in the Championship section at Butlins the first time the Excelsior was played out.

    Included with Excelsior is the new Wessex CHIEF mouthpiece. A large mouthpiece with deep funnel profile, ideal to get the best out of BBb tuba.

    The EXCELSIOR is now on the Wessex Tubas websites and we are taking advanced orders for first batch;

    USA -

    UK (and international) -

    Excelsior Butlins small.jpg
  2. Matthew

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    Looks like the old Courtois BBb Tubas we had at Pennine Brass years back. How does the tight wrap sound though?

    The 4th valve problem - agreed there, many a time my arm has been hurting stretching over on the Sov! However, the Yamaha Neo BBb has solved that problem magnificently and it has to be the best BBb I've ever played...

    Good luck with it Jonathan, I'm tempted to try it if you're up in my part of the world soon! :)
  3. JDH

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    The Excelsior is actually quite a bit bigger in the bows than the Courtois - it is a 5/4 similar in size to a Miraphone 1291. I actually had a chance to do a side by side comparison with the Yamaha Neo at Butlins. The Neo is a very nice playing tuba, but tonally the Excelsior sounds a bigger tuba in that it has a broader contrabass tuba tone.

    When I have stock of the Excelsior, I would like to tour the country for bands to try. If you would like your band to be on the tour, do email, or PM me.

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