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    Hello, my name is Ben Little, my company is ColdStream Cases and we make musical instrument cases for brass musicians. We are a new business and would to hear your thoughts on our new range of cases.


    Our new range of Triple Composite Cases combine layers of Glass fibre, Kevlar and Carbon fibre weaves, more commonly used in Automotive, Marine and Aerospace technologies.

    The combination of these materials produces a stronger, more durable, lightweight alternative to standard ABS cases and makes them suitable to be used as flight cases for internationally travelling musicians or for general day to day use.

    Hand crafted in the UK by our experienced team of case makers, each case is available in a multitude of colours and accommodates a wide range of instrument sizes.

    Integrity and a passion for our products are fundamental to our work. We only use the highest quality materials and spend great care and attention ensuring each case is manufactured to the highest possible standard.


    The cases are lined with dual density foam covered by luxurious velvet fabric which allows the instrument to fit very snuggly within the case without any risk of damage by movement. There is also a mouthpiece holder and storage box inside for any small accessories.

    The trim is a hard rubber male/female locator trim which seals each case tightly with the aid of nickel plated steel drawbolt catches. We also put on a steel padlockable latch for extra security.

    Each case has strong, nickel plated, plastic handles for easy carrying and also D-rings for the use of a shoulder strap. We put hard rubber strips on the bell curves for extra protection which along with the trim will be available in a range of colours in the near future allowing you to customise your case even more.

    We currently have EEbTuba, Euphonium, Baritone Horn, Tenor Horn and Trumpet cases available. EbTuba, Trombone, Cornet, Tenor Sax and Alto Sax are among the other cases which will be available in the near future.


    The prices are as follows:-

    Trumpet Case - £149.00
    Tenor Horn Case - £209.00
    Baritone Horn Case - £229.00
    Euphonium Case - £249.00
    Eb Tuba Case - t.b.c
    EEb Tuba Case - £579.00

    Our website should be online by the end of february and will have a full breakdown of dimensions and weights.

    If you have any interest in our cases, would like to recieve photographs or have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting me at

    Many Thanks,

    Ben Little.
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    were you in the RLC band and then the guards?

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    Hi Louise,

    Im affraid not, we have no connection with the guards, the name is just coincidence.

    All the best,

    Ben Little.
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    ColdStream Cases Photos

    Here are some photographs of our Triple Composite range of cases for Euphonium, Baritone, Tenor Horn & EEb Tuba. Please email if you have any interest or enquiries.

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    The cases look really nice from the picures but as an EEb player i would need to see what the wheels were like, and think i'd also have to wait till you were having a sale, or someone would have to really kind to me at christmas, the price a little out of my league
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    I received a email about these cases (not sure how as I never gave them my email address!) and was kinda interested until I saw the prices! £149 for a cornet case???
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    The price reflects the high standard of craftmanship and time that goes into making each case along with the cost, strength and qualities of the materials used.
    With regards to your email address, it was available on the brass players index on Many appologies if you feel that it was intrusive contacting you. We are eager to hear you views as we are are new company and have a product that we feel will benefit you.

    Ben Little
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    cornet cases

    On the up side, I have previously paid more than £149 for a cornet case and it didnt stand up to the rigours of military band life.
    I'd be interested to see your cornet case.


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    Looks like these cases are bullet proof.
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    I didn't feel you were being intrusive Ben, I just wasn't sure how you had got my email address, but now that makes sense.

    I am sure that the cases are priced fairly when all the costs, high quality materials and workmanship are taken into account, its just that the are way out of my league financially to be honest. I paid less than the price of the cornet case for my daughter's first (secondhand) trombone! I simply wouldn't be able to justify to myself spending that amount of money on a case, but I am sure that there are many professional bandsman etc who are in need of a more bullet proof (hehe, I liked that one Tubafran!) case who will be interested in your new range.

    All the best with the venture Ben!
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    The wheels are heavy duty castors which manouver the case very easily and smoothly with the aid of the pull handle. We have a photo shoot booked on the 9th March which will show this. I will also look to taking some video footage to illustrate further.
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    New Tuba Case Photographs

    Please see the address below for more of our latest photographs of our EEb Tuba case. £579.00


    The website is finally underway and should be up and running within 2-3 weeks.
  13. Wow that is certainly a impressive looking case. Quite a price tag to go with it though... What is the inside of the case like?
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    Its lined with dual density foam covered by crushed velvet fabric.

    As mentioned before the price reflects the high standard of craftmanship and time that goes into making each case along with the cost, strength and qualities of the materials used.

    Please see for further photographs.

    Many Thanks,

    Ben Little
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  16. Thank you for the pictures. I must say, as a new business it's going to make selling these products a lot easy because you have such professional pictures. I have a euphonium that is worth £4000 however, so I think I, personally prefer my case which is moulded to the shape of my instrument so it is supported best in transport.
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    We had originally considered moulded inserts but through our research found that alot of musicians were unhappy with these as there is often still some movement within the case.

    Our cases and their linings are designed to cushion the instrument very snuggly within the case allowing for no risk of movement.

    I have recently fitted a case for a Willson 2900 Euphonium to much satisfaction from the customer. Please see below..

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    Coldstream Cases.

    We have just taken delivery of a EEb Bass case from Coldstream Cases and are very pleased with it. :-D

    Ben Little is very helpfull, friendly and great to deal with.

    Good luck with the business Ben. :D

    Newport Borough Brass Band.
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    Any Plans for trombone cases?
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    Having read 4BarsRest ~ I guess that Cory's band manager will be contacting you very soon !