New Christmas Priase melody part for Eb

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Landy, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Landy

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    since last Christmas I've moved from Bb onto Sop, but as it's hard to get lots of cornets out evey time it would be good to be able to cover the melody part. We didn't have a sop player caroling last year but I think the sop part often has bits of the tunes, but not it all. My sight transposition isn't good enough so the "easy" option would be to switch back to Bb for the couple of weeks before Christmas, but I'd much prefer to stick on Sop.

    Before I re-write the solo cornet parts for Eb I thought I'd ask if anyone else has done some of them already? (I'm assuming it'll work and be in-range but haven't looked yet!)

    We use the red New Christmas Priase books, and they only do the melody books in Bb or C.


  2. P_S_Price

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    Ooohh - More Copyright Issues. I suspect that you will have to contact SP&S before you can transpose the Christmas Praise part
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    May be worth looking at the wind band versions of the same books? If there's (for example) a sax part that's the same as the cornet 1 book that'd be in Eb and you could avoid any troublesome legalities that way.
  4. GJG

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    According to the WoB website, there are no parts specifically for Windband instruments as such; the parts available are listed as:

    Soprano Eb, Solo & 1st Cornet Bb, 2nd Cornet Bb, Flugel Horn Bb, Solo & 1st Horn Eb, 2nd Horn Eb, Baritone Bb, 1st Trombone Bb, 2nd Trombone Bb, Bass Trombone, Euphonium Bb, Bass Eb, Bass Bb, Timpani, Percussion, Melody Bb, Alto Bb, Alto Eb, Tenor Eb, Tenor Bb, Flute, Melody C, Alto C, Alto F, Trombone 1 C, Trombone 2 C, Tenor Alto Clef, Tenor C, Tenor F, Euphonium C, Bass C.

    As the OP correctly points out, whilst there are provisions for numerous alternatives, such that virtually any combination of brass/woodwind/strings can assemble a harmonically complete ensemble, there is no provision for Melody Eb.
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    Thanks for the suggestion, I did look at that already, thinking the Alto sax part maybe suitable. They do Eb parts for the Alto and Tenor lines but not the melody. The only other Melody part seems to be a in "C".
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    Indeed; although I can't for a moment imagine them refusing permission ...
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    when playing in Sparkhill Band our sop player used to read transpose from solo cornet part quite often. So much so sometimes he transposed his own part, That was funny.
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    If it's a small band job with limited Bb cornets I usually transpose ... badly! Would be great if they did an Eb melody book tho.
  9. It's also worth mentioning that SP&S won't hold the copyrights to all of the titles, particularly those towards the end of the book. So, depending on which titles you were looking to re-write, you could find yourself having to contact a different copyright holder for each piece - a real pain!
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    You are right the sop part is different in a lot of the carols. I would suggest that transposing to Eb would be a good way to practice sight-tranposition. Might hit a bum note here and there but you're a sop player, it's expected. Using carol and hymn books to practice this is the best way I find, haven't used a sop hymn book in years, also it would help you avoid copyright issues.