New christmas praise/philip sparke carols

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    Sorry if this is already been discussed, but in venture through the search options the closest i got was "theyre listed in the front cover" which wasnt entirely helpful!

    Anyway! Were looking at buying a set of four of these books for tuba trombone and two trumpet players - which books would make sure we could cover all four satb parts?

    Also the same question would apply for the Philip Sparke arrangements if anyone knows? I was looking at these as theyre much cheaper although having less material.

    Any thoughts?
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    SA Books:

    Trumpets: Solo/1st Cornet Bb + 2nd Cornet
    Trombone: Depends - Baritone Bb if treble clef reader, Tenor C if a bass clef reader
    Tuba: Depends - Bass Eb or Bb if a treble clef reader, Bass C if a bass clef reader.

    Philip Sparke books:

    No idea ...
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    The Sparke books are useful as they can be mixed with a wind band and orchestra (books done for them) plus full score/organ book but think there are only 40 carols in.

    Personally, prefer the red Christmas praise ones as you have the traditionals plus a few popular ones and you can get parts in c but have not found a score. Also the Soarke books seem to have a lot more sharps for the brass but the arrangements are good
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    There is a (sort of!) score for the New Christmas Praise books, although it is more of a piano/short score. They (there are two books) consist of either a piano version or an SATB arrangement of the carol or tune, with words as appropriate. I don't have a copy to hand, but I believe that numbers 1 to 90-something are in one book (with a red cover) and the rest are in the other book (with a green cover).

    Hope this helps,


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