New CD releases at European Championships

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    As promised on another thread somewhere, I can now announce our 3 new CD releases at the European Championships.

    Highlights from Norwegian Brass Band Championships 2004;
    All the winning performances are included on this double CD including new pieces like Grafitti and Exergy Re-visited.

    Passport - A Musical Journey Roger Webster with Black Dyke Band;
    Eagerly awaited and long overdue this solo CD includes the first recording of Concerto 1945 by Philip Wilby.

    Kings of Europe Yorkshire Building Society Band;
    A fantastic triple CD celebrating 8 years as Champions of Europe. Most winning performances are included; Seid; Revelation; Pageantry; Burlesque for Brass Band; Blitz; Harmony Music; Tallis Variations; Dove Descending; Winds of Change; Montage; Chain; Concerto Grosso and Aubade Dawn Songs of the Fabulous Birds.

    You'll be able to purchase these titles from the World of Brass trade stand in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall from Thursday evening.
    If you are not able to be in Glasgow, pre-order now and we'll despatch them as soon as possible after Glasgow.
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    Are they the live European performances?
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    Certainly are.
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    That'll be excellent. See you next week.

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    Look forward to it, will be nice to meet you.
    Thank you for your support and encouragement.
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    Carl, have all the YBS performances appeared on previous highlights cds?
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    Not sure as I'm not familiar with Highlights CDs from 1997, 1998 & 1999. They are not in our current catalogue.
    I do know that we had to obtain permission to use Burlesque (1998), Blitz and Harmony Music (1999) for this release.

    Hope that helps but maybe you can shed some light on 1997, 1998 & 1999 for me.
  8. Keppler

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    1997 Europeans Highlights CD
    The Champions (Willkocks) - YBS
    Salamander (McCave) Grimethorpe
    Freedom (Bath) - Tredegar
    Trittico (Curnow) - BB Frosch Hall
    Pageantry (Howells) - YBS

    The Waltonian (Richards) - Black Dyke
    Fantasia Op 94 (Hummel) - smudged out on my cd (apologies)
    Epic Symphony (Fletcher) - Grimethorpe
    Cry of the Celts (Hardiman/Graham) - YBS
    Severn Suite (Elgar) - Bb Berner Oberland
    Year of the Dragon (II/III - Sparke) - Black Dyke


    Don't have 98 or 99
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    Burlesque and Blitz are on Euro highlights CDs
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    Thank you to everyone who visited (and purchased from) our trade stand over the weekend.
    It was hard work and Kevin and I were grateful for the assistance from our wives who joined us on Saturday!

    It you weren't in Glasgow, you'll be able to catch us at the Gramercy Anniversary Concert and the Grand Shield this coming weekend.